• پارسی (Persian)

Karsazan Ayandeh Financial Institute

Karsazan Ayandeh is a financial institute with 300 branches in Iran. They are providing retail banking with Deposits, Loans and Savings to the customers. More branches distributed in Khorasan state and North of Iran. They have 30 branches in Tehran and around. The HQ is in Tehran and with more than 300 people.
They have 400,000 customers and more than 500,000 accounts at the moment and they hope to get the License as a private bank from Central Bank as soon.

Core Banking Project: Sepehr net is implementing SAB core banking system for Karsazan Ayandeh and replacing with their old account based core system called "BBN".
Sepehr net assigned 8 experts to this project beside Sab experts. The project started in Nov 2009 in two phases and the Phase 1 with the local currency and Islamic product is going to finish as soon.